There are a lot of different answers depending on the company and model you have. It can cost anywhere between $60 to $400 depending on the external & internal damage as well as the cost of the repair service. At Gadget E.R Repair, you get affordable service and all original parts!

Batteries tend to lose charge with time as you charge them more and more. The capacitor loses its ability to hold charge. Your solution is a replacement and we can do it for you. Our battery cells are original and last you a long time! Bring your tablet into any of our stores and get the service you deserve.

Speakers get damaged upon physical impact or due to water. Bring your phone or tablet in and we can take a quick look to let you know what’s wrong with it. We can fix the speakers in little time and if they don’t perform like they should, we offer brand new replacements for the unit too!

We have a wide range of phone accessories available for you. From phone cases to screen protectors, power banks, adaptors, cables and power delivery chargers – all 100% authentic too. The quality and reliability you get from our accessories is unlike any other you will find.

Phone camera lenses break on accidental falls. Usually, it is the outer protective covering that breaks leaving the lens inside protected. However, the glass shards can scratch the lens too. We carefully remove the glass shards and check the lens for performance and damage. We offer lens replacements too if you want one.