Bona Fide Phone Accessories In Ennis, Texas!

Accessories complete the smartphone experience and we got just what you need in that department! High quality phone accessories available!

Quality Phone Accessories

Right Store For The Right Accessories in Ennis, Texas!

Gadget E.R Repair – Selling top quality in authentic phone accessories! Everything you need from stylish and protective cases to screen protectors, chargers, cables, adaptors and more! We deal in original as well as third party cases and protectors for phones. Reliability and quality is guaranteed with every accessory you buy from us!

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Premium Phone Accessories In Ennis TX!

We source our accessories from places we know and trust. Anything you buy from us is guaranteed to be original and trustworthy. The phone cases we have come straight from the company so if you are looking for that official Apple case, we got you covered! We have other third party cases as well from accessory companies like Baseus. Our power banks are certified safe to use and provide clean power to your smart device. The chargers we sell are power delivery so your phone gets just the right amount of wattage. Our cables are high quality too. We offer repair services too like iPhone repair that you should definitely check out!

Original Accessories

Original Parts

All parts we use are original and covered by warranty.

High Quality Accessories

High Quality Accessories

Accessories that last you a long time without showing age.

Best Phone Accessories

Wide Rage

A range of accessories you cannot deny! You will find your fit!

What We Have To Offer!

What we have to offer is high quality accessories sold to you at affordable prices by a committed and devoted crew. If you have any problems selecting what you need, we can help you. Let’s get started!


Blake is very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend this place to anyone who needs a phone or a phone repaired. Great place!

Beatriz Aparicio

Was quick and easy. Less than 20 minutes to replace a screen on an iPhone 7 plus. I would definitely recommend them.

Jack Higgins

Very prompt and courteous service, i encourage all of you broken screens to go see this guy, warrantis his work and generally nice atmoshere!!

David Skroh

Our Promise To You

We are tech enthusiasts driven by a desire to provide quality tech services. With the technology advancing with the world, new problems arise alongside new innovations as well. While we welcome innovation, no one wants their gadgets to malfunction or break at the same time. For that we are here to provide high quality repair services with fast turnaround rates.

Our repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty and our parts are backed by a 30 day test warranty. All our services are secure and we offer accessories for you to buy as well. Accessories don’t come with a warranty. You can read the reviews customers have left for us. With us, you will be one happy customer!