Computer Repair Tools Used At A Cell Phone Repair Shop in Ennis Texas

Cell Phone Repair Shops in Ennis Texas

Computers are one of the most astonishing inventions of human beings. Back in the eighteenth century, no one could think of a machine that could run several difficult operations simultaneously with such ease. In 1945 the first computer was invented. It was almost the size of a room and required a lot of energy to start. Later, several things changed in the manufacturing industry of computers, and now you can carry your laptop anywhere. With size, its complexity has also changed and requires an expert cell phone repair store in Ennis, Texas, when facing any problem.

Experts are recommended because they have the knowledge and skills to resolve issues with such complex devices. People also attempt to repair their computers, but they worsen things. Sometimes the problem becomes so big that even an expert cannot fix it, leading to a loss of finance, time, and energy.

5 Tools For Repair Used By Expert Cell Phone Repair Shops In Ennis, Texas 

Experts use special techniques and tools to repair a computer. Computers have a lot of components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Using the wrong instruments will result in computer failures. Our experts use high-quality tools and machinery at our phone repair store. Following are some important tools that Gadget ER Repair uses during phone repair services in Ennis, Texas

Phillips Screwdriver

Non-magnetic Phillips screw drives are one of the most important tools to have. Almost all parts are fastened to the computer through some screw. The non-magnetic tip is important as magnetized objects can cause damage to the circuit or drivers. 

Different sizes of screwdrivers are used for other devices for notebook computers. A 3 mm-sized screwdriver is required. Our Gadget E.R. Repair in Ennis tx technicians are well trained and equipped to resolve any problem in minimum time with great ease.

Zip Ties

Using small plastic zip ties makes a huge difference, as working in a jumbled mess of wires will make things more difficult, while organized cables give a more professional look and make the working field much more workable. It also aids in the airflow inside the computer, thus preventing it from overheating. 

Alternatives to zip ties are hook and loop straps and large external cable management ideas. We are conscious about our cable management because one wrong thing will take the entire hard work down the hole. 

Hex Driver

The hex driver usually comes in the computer tool kit. It is like a screwdriver but has a head like a socket wrench. 2 types of hex screws are found inside the computers: 3/16″ and ¼ .” 3/16″ is more common, and the smaller hex driver installs the brass screw standoffs inside the case that the motherboard resides on. 


The most frustrating thing faced at a cell phone repair in Ennis, Texas, is dropping a screw inside the case or on the floor. It is because they can roll into the tightest corner, making it impossible to reach. That is when tweezers come into the picture. They are helpful while working in tight spots or retrieving that lost screw. 

Isopropyl Alcohol (99%)

It is one of the most important cleaners to use while repairing tech devices. It helps clean off thermal compounds without leaving a residue that can impact future combinations. It is also helpful in clearing contacts that have begun to erode. We use alcohol on the CPU and heatsink so that they are completely clean before putting them together. 

To Wrap it Up! 

Our technicians can diagnose and fix the problem in no time because we have ten years of experience in tech repair and diagnostics also they use the latest repair technologies. You can check the services that we provide by contacting us or by going to our website. You can also book an online appointment to save time and money.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can data be stolen during phone repair?

All the cell phone repair shops in Ennis, Texas, are highly professional and take care of all the professional protocols, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You should create a backup for your important personal data and keep it in a secure file that a random user cannot access. Even if the cell phone technician is highly reliable, there is a chance that there can be mishandling of the device by a third party. It will help if you stay on the safer side.

Do I need to give my phone password for screen repair?

If you have a broken screen and want to get it repaired, you don’t necessarily have to provide your phone password. However, after the repair, the technician might have to check the screen’s performance and, therefore, require using the phone for a while. You can provide the password on the spot and allow the phone to be checked right there.

Are phones waterproof after repair?

If the cell phone technician is good enough, the seals can be placed correctly with new ones that can help to restore the water resistance, but it only makes the phone partially waterproof. However, if there’s a defect in the reassembling of the phone, there might be no water resistance.