Services You Can Get From Cell Phone Repair Shops In Ennis, Texas


Did you know? 85% of Americans own a smartphone which already shows how much we depend on them. The smartphone industry has truly revolutionized what it means to carry handheld technology. The power computers were able to generate years ago, feels miniscule when it comes to a modern day smartphone. There is another very interesting stat that shows that over 64% of Americans also have a broken screen on their smartphone. Yes! That is the story of almost every household. It begs the question; where can you find the best cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas? And that is exactly what we are here for. But before that, in this blog post we will learn about the different cell phone repair services you can get from repair shops around town.

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With that said, let’s dive right in!

What Services Can You Get From Cell Phone Repair Shops In Ennis, Texas?

When looking for cell phone and computer repair in Ennis, Texas, make sure you do your research and read customer reviews as they matter a lot. We keep our ear close to the ground and implement the recommendations we get to improve our customer experience. Here are a few services you can expect.

Screen Repair:

If you have a broken screen, you can take your smartphone to a repair shop and they will carefully remove the broken glass so the internals are not damaged in the process. After this is done, the display is replaced with a new, original one so you get the best color reproduction and screen accuracy possible.

Water Damage Repair:

Spilling a drink over your smartphone or dropping it in the pool is an age old tale. But smartphones nowadays come with a water and dust resistant IP rating. That still does not mean they are waterproof. If you get water damage on your phone, you get repair services for that too. Just take your phone to the nearest care center and they will remove all moisture, repair the damage and test the device thoroughly before returning it to you.

Speaker Damage:

Speakers get damaged in two ways. Either it is impact damage or water damage. In either case, the care center will take your phone apart to get to the speaker unit, diagnose it for repairs and fix the unit there and then. If it is beyond repair, they have replacement units ready for you in stock. You get your device back after thorough testing.

Battery Replacement:

This one may be, by far, the biggest repair service after screen replacement. Batteries are lithium ion cells that lose charge over time due to constant charging. So, if you find yourself hooked to the wall socket all day long, it is time to get that battery replaced. Go to your nearest repair center and they have new replacement batteries waiting for you.

As you can see, there are a lot of services you can take full advantage of. All you need to do is know what you need to get done. Or you can simply bring your phone to us at Gadget E.R Repair and we can provide you with a full body diagnostic. We are the best cell phone repair shop in Ennis, Texas! Click to get a quote and find more about our services.