Guide to Avoid Screen Damages by Cell Phone Repair Shops Ennis, Texas

Guide to Avoid Screen Damages by Cell Phone Repair Shops Ennis, Texas

Every time you update your smartphone, you’ll come across a new type of screen that is more advanced, big, and clear. The leading smartphone manufacturers are moving toward displays with no border or frame. This means that the phone’s bezels have been reduced by cell phone repair shops in Ennis, Texas, to an absolute minimum for the display to be as large as possible. Because most smartphone users presently use their devices for recreational purposes such as viewing movies, a bigger screen is more likely to catch customers’ attention.

The screen is still the most often repaired component of a mobile device. While your phone may tolerate a few drops initially, future reductions may not be so fortunate. That’s a sobering reminder that glass is fragile and will always be.

However, you should not expect to pay a lot to fix your phone’s screen if it cracks. Continue reading if you want to protect your phone’s display from cracking or breaking!

A guide by cell phone repair shops in Ennis, Texas, on avoiding Screen damages

Protect your screen with tempered glass

A tempered glass screen protector is an excellent way to protect your phone’s screen from damage in the event of an accidental drop. It adds another layer of protection between your phone’s screen and any potential damage caused by a fall.

Plastic screen protectors are not the same as tempered glass screen protectors. The former may protect your phone’s screen from minor scratches, but not from major ones caused by heavy drops. You should only use tempered glass protectors if you need them.

Similarly, the quality, functionality, and cost of tempered glass screen covers vary greatly. Make sure to buy a protector from reputable phone repair stores in Ennis, Texas, like Gadget E.R.

Bumper Case

Using a bumper case is one of the most common and effective methods for keeping your phone in one piece and free of cracks. Technology has enabled several manufacturers to provide durable and dependable bumper covers for nearly every model from the industry’s leading phone manufacturers. This is due to an increase in the demand for these phone protectors. Bumper case manufacturers have made them more aesthetically pleasing and fashionable to increase sales. This is done so that phone owners will not feel bad about using a bumper cover to protect their phones. Some of the covers are so fashionable that they make the phones they protect look even better.

You’re probably wondering how much impact a bumper case can withstand in the event of a collision. At a repair services center in Ennis, TX, you’ll typically find two types of cases. There is an appealing and portable option available. These cases are insufficient, at best, to prevent scratches and, at worst, to mitigate the effects of a hard drop. The others aren’t quite as appealing, but they’re still well-made and sturdy. They may add a few grams to the weight of your phone, but they will protect it even if you drop it from a reasonable height. The bumper case’s heavy-duty ridges absorb the impact when your phone is dropped from a great height.

Pop Sockets

Pop sockets have become a valuable accessory for providing a more secure grip on your phone. Undoubtedly, installing a pop socket reduces the likelihood of dropping your phone, especially when messaging or taking a picture. A plastic accessory is known as a “pop socket” can be used to modify the back of your phone. They have a disc-shaped base and a bendable, decorative stem. Whether you use one or two fingers to grasp the pop socket, your grip, and control of the phone will improve immediately. People who regularly use pop sockets have nothing but praise for them.


Many individuals have the bad habit of often dropping their phone, which usually results in a broken screen. If you’re one of those individuals who constantly crack the screen on their phone from dropping it and end up in cell phone repair shops in Ennis, Texas, it may be time to think about ways to prevent this. You can contact us in case of any inconvenience you face with your smartphone!